The Government's Integrity

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The Government’s Integrity

According to Webster’s dictionary a militia is “all able-bodied male citizens between 18 and 45 years old who are not already members of regular armed forces.” If only it was that simple.
Individual fear of government corruption has lead to a wide spread militia movement. This movement has been going on ever since the early 80’s and is growing stronger today.
In the beginning there were only two major militia groups: The Order, and the Posse
Comitatus. “The Order was the most violent and notorious domestic terrorist group of the 80’s”
( Founded in 1983 by Robert
Mathews, it was one of the first racists militia groups. It gathered it’s members from the National
Alliance, Aryan Nation, and other Klan splinter groups. Mathews felt that it was his duty in life to lead a revolution against government and all non-white citizens of the U.S. During the first year of existence, the Order stole close to $26,000 in order to launch a counterfeiting operation.
In total, the Order stole over four-million dollars from banks and armored trucks. Mathews and his followers were more than just thieves, they were also one of the first domestic terrorist groups. Members of the Order carried out strategic bombings and planned assassinations. Two people that were targeted were Walter West and Alan Berg. Walters was a members of the Order accused of “talking to much.” In May of 1994, Walters was driven into to the woods by other members of the Order who shot and buried him. The second target, Alan Berg, was a Jewish talk-radio host. The Order tried to scare him off the air, but their threats did little to Berg. After several heated conversation Bergs was shot and killed in front of his house. The Order continued with their reign of terror by robbing a Brink’s armored vehicle escaping with approximately four million dollars. All of this would have gone without incident but Mathews carelessly left a pistol at the scene of Berg’s murder. The FBI later traced it back to the Order. At the same time,
Thomas Martinez was arrested for trying to use a counterfeit bill. Martinez made a plea with authorities and exposed the Order. In total, twenty-two members arrested, fined, and some of the members were given life sentences. R. Mathews being the solider he is died in a shootout with law enforcement. In December 1984, the life of the Order had come to an end.
During the time of the Order’s reign, the Posse Comitatus was also in action.
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