The Government Should Censor The Internet

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Tram Tran
Ms. Forteamo

Resolution: The government should censor the Internet.

Affirmative Constructive (3 minutes)

This issue is important and needs attention because the Internet has no longer be a world of pure entertainment, efficient communication, and useful information. Users fill it with hatred, anger, tears, and blood. Cyber bullying, identity theft, blackmailing, hacking, prostitutioning, etc. are all popular crimes take place by means of the Internet. Internet safety and privacy is being threatened and with government censorship, things will definitely get better. Thus, this resolution should be highlighted and debated so everyone can know what the government could have done, but haven’t fully accomplished.
(FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler said the Internet was "simply too important to be left without rules and a referee on the field.")

… because it will boost people’s confidence in the Internet and make people more willing to use it for everyday lives which eventually make lives easier and everything more productive.
➜ Evidence: Increased productivity allows people to get what they want faster, or to get more of what they want in the same amount of time. Supply rises with productivity, dropping real prices and increasing real wages; it lifts people out of poverty and allows them to focus on efforts beyond mere survival. (
➜ Impact: Increased productivity raises the standards of living, generates hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional profit, and may even erase poverty.

… because it will protect Internet users from all harm and prevent online crimes from occurring.
➜ Evidence: Over the course of five years from the beginning of 2010 to the end of 2014, an average of nearly 300,000 compla...

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... we have found real evidence supporting our claim with persuading and logical reasoning for each of the arguments. On the other hand, their arguments are weak because most of them were only based on mere opinions without strong evidence proving their point.

Judge, if you are supporting our group, you are supporting Internet safety and national security. There will be less auto fraud, fewer identity theft, and probably no more new and devastating crimes happen. You can be confident going home, surfing the Internet, and typing in your credit card information and having nothing to be worried about.

Judge, if you are supporting our opponent, you are supporting cyber bullying, identity theft, blackmailing, prostitution, and child pornography. You are supporting a world where everytime you input your confidential information, you have to pray that no one will touch it.
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