The Gothic Elements In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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“All things totally wicked start from innocence” ( Throughout the beginning of Frankenstein, Victor tries to do good by creating a “monster” to stop people from dying. It is through these actions the Gothic elements can be seen. Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein with such an eerie feeling, critics still value her work. “It is a hair-raising, chilling story of terror that more than an century and a half after Mary put down her pen still has the power to fascinate, frighten, and haunt its reader” ( The Gothic elements can be found in Frankenstein through the atmosphere, Victor’s actions, and the creature itself.
One way the Gothic elements are revealed in Frankenstein is through the atmosphere. For example,
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Shelley does an excellent job with Victor’s character because she creates him through her own experiences with modern science ( Throughout the story, Victor tries to go above and beyond to learn new scientific studies, and that leads him into trying doing the impossible; raising the living from the dead ( Gothic novels tend to focus on mysteries and supernatural doings, and Shelley uses that of a mysterious circumstance to allow Victor to create the monster ( Victor first starts out by going out and gathering body parts for his experiment, which gives the book an eerie feeling right from the start ( The outcome of the experiment results in a monster that is “the shape of a man, but apparently of gigantic stature,” this allows readers to visualize the creature as having abnormal qualities ( “Frankenstein brings into a creature who, though not innately evil, is a torment to himself and to others precisely because he is without companionship and a sexual counterpart” (Bloom 29). The monster is without a companion and that results in him having many interactions with Victor because he is determined to kill anybody close to Victor until Victor can create him a partner ( The creature was not born evil but with the misconceptions of humans, he became isolated from society which turned him into a…show more content…
The appearance of the monster led society to misunderstand him. He appears to be horrifying; therefore, no one ever befriends him. “He strives for friends, yet his disturbing appearance causes him to fail and be shunned by humans” ( It is a common myth that the creature is green and walks like a zombie. Many people believe this simply due to the movies that were made about the novel. In the actual novel, the creature is a dull yellow color and is unevenly stitched together. His nails and his lips are black, and his body is disproportioned (Shelley 43). Due to his appearance and his loneliness, he eventually seeks revenge on his creator and goes on murderous rampages. The creature was upset that everyone in the world had rejected him and he wanted Victor to feel the same way so he went on a killing streak and killed off Victor’s family. “The monster came out of his hiding place and put his arms around the child. The boy screamed in terror” (Harris 91). The murder of William gets blamed on Justine, and she later gets hung for it. Victor knows it was the monster, so he feels guilty and decides he must stop the monster’s killing. Victor agrees to meet with the creature where the creature requested Victor make him a mate so he wouldn’t be lonely. Victor refuses, but later attempts. After all the work and madness that he put into the second creature he ends up destroying her. The monster states: “It
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