The Good Woman of Setzuan

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"As Shen Te stretches out her arms to them in desperation they disappear above, smiling and waving." (Pg. 106 "The Good Woman of Setzuan") The ending of "The Good Woman of Setzuan" leaves the readers a sensation that Shen Te was abandoned by the Gods eternally. Instead of the Gods leaving at the end of the play, they ought to stay in town for fairly longer just to assist Shen Te to resolve all the problems among her and her neighbors. It is reasonable that the Gods must teach the neighbors a lesson for using Shen Te. However, it appears that it is not all the neighbors' faults. Shen Te, as well, has responsibilities to confront the predicaments valiantly and talk with the neighbors about it. Consequently, no one would have a chance to meet Shen Te's cousin, Shui Ta.

In today's society, it is possible that one could change people. Human beings influence by each other to improve and develop themselves, for example, the manner to think, perform, and converse. For being the good woman of Setzuan, Shen Te could revolutionize others' attitudes if she would stay sturdy. But of course, everything would necessitate a great amount of time and tolerant. By altering others' thoughts and manners toward others, it would escort us to an enhanced and organized world. It is feasible that the world could be changed because in "The Good Woman of Setzuan", the Gods somewhat adjust the regulation by permitting Shen Te to be Shui Ta once a week. On the other hand, it is impracticable to change the world since the world is run and put in order by nature. It is extremely difficult for anyone to transform the world by himself/herself. From my opinion, if one actually wants to change the world, it is better to change the people primarily, given that better human beings construct healthy societies; and healthy societies generate the best world.
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