The Golden Age Of Greece

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During the golden age of Greece as a whole, there was one leader of a city-state that produced his own golden age. Pericles was one of Athens most recalled rulers for his success. He sparked an age for the artistic and the thinkers of Athens. He was an open-minded leader which supported all of the arts and promoted the outside thinking of philosophy. He developed a system of democracy for his city-state to instill in which the majority gained a say in the government. Although not everyone believed Pericles was great. The other city states in Greece became jealous of Athens wealth and also became weary of their intentions. The city states believed the Athens were forming an Athenian empire to take control of Greece. The second largest city-state, Sparta decided they must act before it 's too late and declared war against Pericles and Athens. Born in 495 BCE, Pericles was born in Athens, Greece to a very wealthy family. His father, Xanthippus was a well-known statesman and general in his earlier years. His mother also came from a line of famous statesmen and powerful people. Growing up in a wealthy family, Pericles was able to receive a top-notch education. Pericles became very indulged in the arts, this would show during his reign as Athens became the center for all art and creativity. After inheriting a small fortune from his father, at seventeen years old he funded the playwright, Aeschylus’s “The Persae”. Growing up in Athens Pericles experienced two attempts of the Persians to conquer Greece. First, as a baby, Persia attempted but was defeated at Marathon. The second attempt was when he was thirteen and was evacuated from his city. From these experiences, it makes sense why Pericles had a passion for getting involved into p... ... middle of paper ... ... definitive leadership. He was responsible for the construction of both the Parthenon and the Acropolis, two of the most iconic building of ancient Greece in which still stand today. The most impressive accomplishment of Pericles is, of course, his development of democracy, based on majority rule, and instilled it into the Athenian government. Pericles was destined for greatness in government from when he was born into a wealthy family of statesmen. Pericles can be assured of his legacy of greatness because immediately after his death, the Athens fell into one the darkest ages of their times. They couldn 't recover from his death and find any ruler fit to replace the great Leader. The Peloponnesian war was so interesting because it involved the cities within Greece itself. The war will forever go down as one of the largest impacts of the country of Greece as a whole.

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