The Goals And Objectives Of Physical Education

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Physical Education is the development and care for the body which enhances performance and the management in athletic games. There are levels of teaching the development to different ages and grades. Physical education allows children of all ages to become active when they don’t have the opportunities at home. With these classes they learn how to perform skills as well as enhance them for sports of interest. Children begin to participate and find ways to benefit their health long term. As these children learn to engage themselves and build motivation they enhance their motor skills. Physical education teachers create ways to benefit all levels in development through health related fitness. The overall objective of physical education is emphasizing on reducing risk of illness and increasing life expectancy through fitness. It is important that the levels of physical education are followed because each level learns at a different rate. As you start you have no knowledge of how to perform a movement or how it is useful to sports. There are students that need an auditory…show more content…
It’s important that students begin this process early on so that their understanding of the importance for fitness is fully developed. Students should learn at appropriate levels of fitness that pertain to their healthy lifestyles. Goals and objectives should be set at all ages so that when they grow old enough there is something to build off of. Each level is important in order to continue on with developing fine motor skills. After high school is done students should have an understanding that physical fitness needs to be maintained. Maintaing your fitness for a future healthy lifestyle is the main focus for teaching children about physical fitness. Physical education is the only way to ensure that students will have the tools in oder to living a successful healthy
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