The Goal Of Finishing School

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The goal of finishing school has always been ingrained into me at a young age. My mother has always hammered into my mind that I should always do my best, and get an education because it will lead to better opportunities in life. The constant nagging eventually formed into a fear within me that I don’t want to be a worthless bum, and actually make something of myself. At first glanced, everything seem too easy that I eventually did enough just to get by. I did the bare minimum at school just to get that passing grade. As I entered high school, there was a fear that this might be somewhat challenging. That fear quickly went away. Attending a high school within a lower economical area of the city, I was left to my free will. Of course the words of my mother were always in the back of my mind, but how was I to comprehend it? I was passing my classes so I thought I was doing a pretty good job. After four years of high school, and with no guidance what-so-ever, I was left in a fog. I eventually started attending classes at a community college because that 's what some friends told me to do. It was the best option because it was cheaper than going to a state college. What did I know? I was working, and going to school at the same time so I 'm doing pretty good for myself. Now many years down the line, and I still where I am as a kid. Unlike days of the past, I do have a sense of direction, but still not sure which direction to take. I am currently working my way to getting my college degree, but at the same time wondering if I should continue on this path. The problem that has been bouncing back and forward in my head is whether I should continue school or just give up and focus on working. I have been juggling with the problem of pic... ... middle of paper ... ...ut myself. As I look back at my problems, it really brought to light a flaw that I have that I never thought of. From just deciding whether I should continue going to school or just working, I have come to the conclusion that I’m just a screw up. I can 't believe that it took me this long to realize it, and hopefully i do something about it before it 's too late. There will always be problems that come up, but how one handles them are what makes the person. I have not done my best to handle the problems that come up. I think I do have solutions that could be viable options, but actually implementing the plans for the solution is definitely my weak point. It is something that I should not dwell on because it will lead me back to square one and what good will that do for me? Absolutely nothing! I know where I stand now, and will attack my problems with the right plans.
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