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KATVAA12 Corporate Responsibility and Accounting has been an excellent module. I had very little knowledge of Corporate Responsibility or ethics as my only experience before this was a business module for GCSE which only covered the basic areas. I believe that the learning outcomes has been met and fulfilled. The module was more focused on corporate reporting which is the end result and we had an abundance of information to read. The lecturer put articles each week for us to study which were useful, some were more interesting than others. I found the IOS (International Organization for Standardization) the most useful and informative and most applicable to the businesses in respect of reporting. Initially, my opinion of corporate responsibility was just an area that businesses take-on voluntarily and to keep the society and critics happy. But evidently, I was surprised upon researching that it’s mperative to act responsible. Moreover, society is ethically minded as was evident when I talked about the horsemeat incident where a decline in sales in every department and how much it damaged their brand image. The first lecture for me was the most useful as it gives a clear over-view and history of corporate responsibility. The concepts were understandable and logically applied to a business, which is somewhat difficult at times, due to complexity and complications. Although the concepts were old and with an external environment changing with globalization and economy they are just as relevant, even the Timeline of Corporate Responsibility just shifted toward long term. The lectures are different to my home University, at Aberystwyth. We typically only have one hour lectures per week for the semester for each module, roughly 10-... ... middle of paper ... ...cepts learnt will be useful for future purposes. I have learnt that businesses must incorporate ethics and be responsible and be sustainable. The phrase, ‘remain sustainable and you will sustain’ is a slogan I have thought of and will be a norm for my future. The group members for my group have been a dream to work with, and I believe that we are all here to learn the module and achieve the high grades. We have had a few face-to-face meetings, and we have a Facebook group (which I created) to send documents, moreover to help others with difficulties, and for the final report we are using Google Drive. We have worked equally as hard and marks should be dispatched the same. I hope that my comments have been constructive and as always strive to be fair and truthful. I have learnt very much from this invaluable module and will be useful for my future. Thank you.

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