The Glorious Revolution

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The Glorious Revolution Some say the glorious revolution was one of the greatest landmarks in the history of England. The glorious revolution is a very important event in history for multiple reasons. It wasn’t exactly a peaceful occasion but it was one in which no war of fight occurred. This was a pleasant change for England at the time because they had been experiencing plenty of fights over the throne and for once it was a relatively smooth transaction. After Charles the second died his brother, James the second gained the throne in 1685. His main objective was to re-establish the Roman Catholic religion in England. The people of England were mostly of a Protestant religion and they did not want to change their ways. Oddly enough his wife and two daughters, Mary and Anne, were of the Protestant religion. There were rules restricting Catholic’s to become officers of the navy or army, but that didn’t stop James II. He appointed numerous Catholics to senior positions within both the army and navy. He also increased the size of the army and held soldiers in several threatening a...
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