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The Globe Theatre was the first theatre associated with William Shakespeare. First is the Globe theatre’s construction including a little on the history as to how it became and its outer appearence. The features will include its location as well as some dimensions of the theatre. Next is the interior of the Globe, some specifications such as stage size, rooms, and other miscellaneous facts about what lies within the theatre. The third point will elaborate on the performances and what it took to make a play happen, as well as what it was like to be an actor of the time, and ending with the roles William Shakespeare took part in.
The construction of the Globe theatre was nothing less than magnificent.
Built in 1599 by Shakespeare’s acting crew, the Lord Chamberlain’s Men; the Globe was constructed from James Burbage’s theatre that was originally constructed in 1576. Burbage’s theatre was the first proper theatre built on the outskirts of Shoreditch, London. “The Common Council of London, in 1574, started liscensing theatrical pieces performed in inn yards within city limits” according to To escape the limitations James Burbage leased land for 21 years outside of city limits. Once the lease ran out Shakespeare’s acting company moved the timbers to a new location and thus creating the well known Globe theatre. Shakespeare’s Globe was built in Bankside in Southwark, London. The construction started in 1597 and ended in 1598. The structure of the Globe was composed of an open arena design therefore inclement weather made it difficult or not possible to put on shows. The shape of the old Globe was octagonal/circular made up of timber, nails, stones, plaster, and thatched roofing. Open area...

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In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the globe theatre was the first theatre associated with william shakespeare.
  • Explains that shakespeare's globe was constructed from james burbage’s theatre that was originally constructed in 1576.
  • Explains that the interior of the globe was not specified as there were no blueprints or documented evidence of all the specifications.
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