The Global Warming Debate

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The Global Warming Debate

In the beginning of the twentieth century scientist had started talk that the globe is warming and man is the cause. Then news stations of course took the idea and made it sound like the worst thing since World War II. The thought of the globe warming is frightening the American people and people all over the world because the scientists and the news blew it out of proportion. Although it is believed that man’s carbon emissions are the cause of global waring, in reality the global cycle of nature causes the climate to change and also provides benefits to life on Earth.

Global warming extremists voice that man’s factories, automobiles, and industrial activity produce enough carbon dioxide to cause the global temperature to warm. The connection between carbon dioxide and temperature rise is very small. This was proven in the 1960’s and 1970’s when the greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide was on the rise and the global temperature still ended up cooler for the decade (Biley 78). Another aspect to look at is that Earth’s main warming cycle took place before the 1940’s, before 80 percent of man’s carbon emissions were put in the air, which means that the emissions had little impact on the temperature if any (Biley 133). Even more evidence that shows global warming is not caused by man is that at the Oregon Institution of Science and Medicine 17,000 scientists signed a petition that stated there is no evidence of global warming being caused by man’s output of greenhouse gasses (Biley 44). Some may think that global warming is a serious problem on Earth but man should not be to blame over the very little fluctuations of the global temperature caused...

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...son is longer their is more rain all and the winters are mild so their is not much killing of crops (Biley 111). Some may think that the warmer climate would kill the crops because of a drought, but there has been no water shortage and average summer temperatures around the world still remained normal (Biley 111). These are just some of the benefits global warming can offer to life on Earth which global warming extremists tend to overlook.

Scientists will always find new statistics about global warming and make claims that are both true and false. There is already enough evidence to belittle man’s carbon output as a significant cause of global warming and say that natural forces cause it and can make life beneficial. The only thing we know for sure is that global warming is a serious topic in the world today and always is going to be debated no matter what.