The Glassed Glass: The Art Of Stained Glass

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Time has taught humanity many things. From stone walls to wooden tree houses to glass homes. As far as creation is concerned, glass was and is necessary. Though some cities differ in the use of glass materials they are alike with some architectural aspects. From manufacturing companies for cars to your grandmother’s fine china; we’re talking about glass use of interior design. Some materials of glass are more expensive than others due to the use and weight of glass. With glass windows to windows to cars, glass has become a major factor in society without a doubt. Time has given us many things; stained glass for instance was even use as a symbol for religious purposes. Today we will discover three topics on how of an importance glass is in interior…show more content…
You cannot use simple coloring pencils or lightweight paint, one method in its history is the art of stained glass. (History of Stained Glass (Stained Glass Association of ..., n.d.) talks about how stained glass gives an accurate feel of attitude for people who is passionate towards the art of stained glass. Stained glass speaks in volumes without sound in chapels to give off a holy yet delicate feeling. It’s been said that there were times of stained glass art that was imperfectly documented back in the 1900s, up to 60 stained glass businesses were listed before the time. None exist and some is known little about them (History of Stained Glass (Stained Glass Association of ..., n.d.). Even though some documents are lost in time, the history of stained glass still found its way in interior design. It’s all started with one simple mistake. (History of Stained Glass (Stained Glass Association of ..., n.d.) Many histories of the stained-glass method were told first through Pliny’s tale. It was an accidental discovery of glass by Phoenician sailors (History of Stained Glass (Stained Glass Association of ..., n.d.) . the legend clams that there was shipwrecked sailors who set their cooking pots on blocks of natron. (natron is a salt mineral you would find in dried up lakes). The sailors use this material from there cargo and stated up fire under it. The sailor slept and overnight the fire’s heat had melted the sand and soda mixture. When morning came the mass of resultant cooled and turned into glass. (History of Stained Glass (Stained Glass Association of ..., n.d.). Glass that was discovered and use goes back to even Egyptian periods where glassed beads between 2750 and 2625 B.C. Glass beads then was made off a winding string of molten glass around a clay core that was removable. Colors such as moss green, greenish white, or tobacco yellow gives off a bright sensation with
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