The Glass Souvenir Of The CN Tower

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I specifically choose a glass shaped one because it represents all the see-through glass activities they have. Like the glass floor, the glass floor in the elevator, the glass windows so you can look out the elevator and The Edge Walk since you have to face looking outside. It represents that everything seems 'transparent' and a clear reminder of what the cache is meant for.

A tiny glass souvenir of the CN Tower that is see-through. It is a miniature version to restate the cache is from the CN Tower.

The cache is hidden inside a potted plant just outside the tower. It is inside the second plant from the left when entering the Tower. The cache is inside and covered by the potted plant so it is camouflaged and not easily found unless looking in the plant. The 'Plain Sight' is to say that it is actually not a very difficult place to find but it blends in with the other plants.

This picture shows a bird's eye view of how the CN Tower looks when inside the elevator. The high speed elevator is one of the reasons why the tower has its glory. The glass at the bottom shows the inside of how the elevator is moving. All the gears and moving parts work together to make it move at 15 miles per hour. This picture shows the famous elevator, a look from a sturdy glass outside the elevator and how it looks while going up the floors. The picture has succeeded in showing the height of the CN Tower without showing how outside looks.This is connected to the tour stop because it can be described as one of the thrills you may experience going to the stop. The CN Tower has never failed in showing exciting features and exillerating scenary.

The CN Tower is a 553.33 meter (1815 ft, 5 in) tall tourist attraction that lies in the heart of Downtown ...

... middle of paper ... strikes, clearly proving this is a problem that should be paid attention to.

An incredible tower like the CN Tower is beautiful in itself but I believe that there should be something else added to it. It was known for its glory of being the tallest but now it is the third tallest tower in the world. One way is to add an extension to the tower. Many more people will come to see the extension of the building and experience many of the activities it has to offer. The wait might be long but this tower has already shown what it can provide to the people and making it the tallest once again will definitely bring up the CN Tower's reputation, making an increase in profit as well. The CN Tower is always known for its height and its ability to let people do the impossible up in the air; it is time to surpass what it has been known for and reach for a higher goal.
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