The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams

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In Tennessee Williams’ play “The Glass Menagerie”, Laura, which is the daughter, is a very fragile character. Laura has a glass menagerie, which is a collection of glass animals. She is very timid and shy. She seems like a flat character most of the play. She is very different from her family. Her brother is the outgoing and independent one. Her mother is very opinionated and definitely speaks her mind. Laura is much like her glass menagerie, she is fragile, unique, and transparent. Laura is a very fragile person. Meaning she is easily broken and takes things to the heart. Her feelings tend to get hurt very easily. In the play, Laura describes a crush she had on a boy in high school named Jim. She also explains how different he was from everyone else and how he called her “Blue Roses”. Well while reading the newspaper one day she comes across an article that says that Jim was engaged to someone. This completely broke her heart. Even though she had not talked to him years, she still felt the same way she did about in him high school. It should have been easy for her to...

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