The Glass Menagerie Character Analysis Essay

The “Glass Menagerie” by Tennessee Williams shows a family facing economic and social hardships due to the father abandoning them. The father’s absence forces the rest of the family to fill roles that they wouldn’t be obliged to face if the father remained. The mother, Amanda, is a strong single mother who pushes her kids to be economically self-sustaining individuals. Amanda tries to impose her desires for her kids in a very direct and controlling manner which causes them to dislike her initiatives. The son, Tom, is the breadwinner for the family, however is dissatisfied with his situation due to his increased responsibilities. The daughter, Laura, is handicapped and dropped out of business school. Each member of the family is limited by their ability to grow out of their negative habits, however, it is likely that these habits or characteristics came from the family situation and the roles that each member was forced to fill.
Under those circumstances, a picture of the father hangs in the
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Jim points out how Tom could be an enhanced person numerous times during the final scenes, including when he tells Tom that he will be fired if he doesn’t start working harder at work (935). Tom responds by saying that he doesn’t plan on working in the warehouse for long, as he plans to leave his family to be a merchant sailor. This illustrates Tom’s character and his tendency to follow unrealistic desires before addressing his responsibilities. He wants to be analogous to his father who abandoned their family. Furthermore, Tom refuses to move past his ways to accept the responsibility of his family to aid them. Amanda, shows a similar trait when she continually brings up her past life by attracting suitors. Moreover, Amanda remains stuck in her past glories and remains unable to move forward and support her children attain self-sustainability and

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