The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls

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The Walls's Family has shown a struggle from gluttony, sloth, and stability. A man and women might have the same desire, or goal but there many path to get to that goal ,and some are blind or brave to see that there is a wall at the end. But that does not stop them from going forward. They never did the obvious thing or the right thing to make their life better. The Walls are a family of six Rex the father, Lori the mother, Jeannette the narrator also the main character, Lori the first born, Brain the only son, and Maureen the youngest daughter in the family. They all go around town to town finding a home to stay ,and getting into trouble along the way. The Walls family are poor and unstable ,the father provides but cannot even keep a job not even for a month. The mother Rose does not work too often ,and waste their money on art supply. This does not mean that there bad parents it's just they can't stay at one place for a period of time, but it's most of the time there past keep coming back to hunt them. Jeannette talks about her life with her family and struggles. Even when Walls family didn't have money they did not mind, all that matters is that they are together and well. They did not care about products too like cars, homes, toys, or even the basic need like water or food. They would not even buy the coal for heat to keep them warm but instead work and look for it on the ground. It means that they do care but at the same time they do care about money and there well being. The Wall family is a very simple and complex family that lives by its own standards and no one else's standards that has been set by society. Then there is a fight over money that can be made easily, just by work at a job or both parents work to provide; b...

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...o social programs, or the misuse of the programs. Jeannette had give a answer that would please the class or else they would find out that she has her parents out in the street. This is what most of the people think about the homeless, blinded by their own success, goals, and the pressure of society.
Never the less the society will likely be blind to itself not seeing what people really want. I may be the majority of people want money, home to go to stay warm, and place to sleep. But at what extent do they want it is the question to them who has the resources and power to make it happen instead of point the blame to a class or the government to gives and cuts programs to help the poor. The United State everything can be the scapegoat there is never a person that say we need to focus on what happen ,and what can we do to prevent this from happening all over aging.
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