The Glamour of College

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In a today’s society continuing school has become a routine for many citizens. Once held in high regard college is now looked at as an expectation for many citizens. Its common practice for many young adults right after finishing high school to attend college or a vocational school. The reputation of collages has become a sort of love/hate relationship, either its beneficial or a disadvantage. Which contributes to whether or not prospective students want to apply. What’s the matter with college? College supposed to be the start of a new life, where it used to have a sort of “halleluiah” moment has now decreased to where it’s more of a requirement of society and no longer has the special meaning behind it. The question is not who should get into college, but why a person should go to college. Going to a higher education facility nowadays is no longer glamorous, but it still holds its purpose of providing education and a new life for many prospective students. In today’s society going to college is more of an almost expectancy and people who don’t go are almost looked down upon. What’s the matter with not going? The answer. A person will almost seem lazy and not ambitious. Yet there are tales of people not going to college and succeeding in life. But with those tales their hard work was not ignored to get to their position in life. Going to any choice of a higher education facility is considered an accomplishment. But doing something with their degree and making something of themselves is a greater accomplishment. A person now joins the exclusive club of a person making themselves a better person. According to John H. McWhorter article “Who Should Get into College?”, “Correctly understood, diversity encompasses the marvelous varieties of human excellence and vision in a modern civilization---from musical genius to civic commitment to big brained wizardry” (438).
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