The Giver, Equilibrium and Modern Day Society

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In our modern world, many would classify this current generation as disappointing and sometimes even, pathetic. We often categorize ourself as greed, trying to take more than we need. Many believe that our society is corrupted and can not be fixed although some sit back and just watch, much like, in both the book and the film. In 'The Giver', the elders gave an appearance of a perfect society with no violence, no problems and no pain but hid valuable information to many. They simply dismissed all of their wrong-doings for the better of their perfect world which in many cases is exactly like real life. In our modern day, we are not exactly openly given information about the world unless it is discovered by someone else. We are given information from media and a lot of the time, it is not exactly positive news. Like in the book, we are covered in a blanket of false security, hidden from the stories that our parents have tried to hide from us. In 'Equilibrium', everything was mechanic and what many would find absurd but in actuality, it is exactly what our society is trying to become. Exactly like in the film and the book, we are hidden from something, maybe even everything. Like in the film and the book, we are trying to succeed in becoming a perfect utopian society and will risk anything and everything to do so. Many have risked their lives, their families, their feelings and their own freedom just to have this imagination that they are going to get their ideal society. The book and the film are definitely satires on modern day and this essay will explain why.
The nuclear family. The idea of a completely perfect family consisting of a man, a woman, a girl and a boy. This idea was most popular in the 1950's to the 196...

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...mirage of a perfect world and showed the truth. They showed how it would feel to not be able to not know the true meaning of family, not know how to actually feel emotion, to not be able to be able to make mistakes or to not have the freedom to say anything just because you could not. They showed us what the world would be life if we were all the same and what the actual meaning of equality is. They showed us that modern day society is not exactly perfect but it is good enough and it should be cherished as you never know what will happen the next day. You will never know when the world is going to end as we are already turning against each other just to get our image of the perfect life for one second.

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