The Giver: A Utopia Or A Dystopia

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Picture the world in black and white, not knowing what any of the colors are. Now limit the types of emotions you can feel and talk about. Next, try to imagine your life without any memories. There is no love, and you cannot be terrified, and most of all there is no pain. You only have a first name, so there is no advantage of your background. The world you live in had equality, meaning being rich or poor is not possible. Now my next question is, do you see a utopia or a dystopia? The Giver is reality of this world I talked about before, and the person we see this through is Jonas (Brenton Thwaites). Everyone who graduates immediately is assigned a purpose at a ceremony. Jonas is skipped over in the ceremony and stands there after his friends…show more content…
To accomplish this, he must find a way to restore the world, and must do this quickly. Making you sit on the edge of your seat, screaming for him to quickly find a way before it is too late. The Giver does a fantastic job of creating a futuristic world without making it look like The Jetsons cartoon we all watched growing up. This is created by have modern, minimalist, and clean choices for the clothing and the setting in the movie. Even though The Giver is competing with other science fiction movies the plot is realistic, unlike the other top selling sci-fi movies. I also praise how the beginning of the movie starts off with the rules and the history of the society being shown in words on the screen. I found it helped me understand how the society functions. The history of the society was extremely helpful as the movie itself explains it later in the movie. Some of the rules included, use precise language, wear your assigned clothing, take your morning medication, obey the curfew, and never…show more content…
And like many books based movies, there are certain events and details that do not match the book like all of the books fans wished it would. One of the biggest things the movie did not match the book in was how The Giver and the receiver shared the memories. In the book, the receiver can see the memories when The Giver put his hands on Jonas’s bare back. However, in the movie they touch hands and rub the birthmark, that the memory holder has on their wrist. Another flaw I found was the movie created a romance between Fiona and Jonas. The book never had this romance because in the book Jonas was only eleven or twelve years old, where as in the movie he made more to the age of seventeen or eighteen. I would recommend this movie to my family and friends. I would recommend The Giver because it is not like the other science fiction movies out right now. It has a realistic plot unlike the other movies that have killing games and different sanctions. Also, because there are many phenomenal known actors in the movie like Jeff Bridges, Katie Holmes, and Meryl Streep. Also, there are some new actors that definitely made a name for themselves such as Brenton Thwaites and Cameron
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