The Girl With Only Two Arms And Two Legs Character Analysis

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409 words

Character LE By: Zach Groendyke! In the story “The Girl With Only 2 Arms And 2 Legs,” By Stuart Baum There are lots of parts of the story that suggests that Quarta, the main protagonist of the story, is almost desperate for friends. And here are three reasons why. She is surprisingly helpful, nice, and lonely. Using evidence from the story, let's find out if my theory is right... To begin with, let’s think of this. The tidal pool peril. In the near beginning of the story, Quarta saves someone named Kako from a tidal pool at the beach. This is important because “She thought this would make her a hero.” Why this example though? The real question is, why did she help? All the others did was tease her, so, why? One word, Desperation. (For …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how quarta, the main protagonist of "the girl with only 2 arms and 2 legs," is desperate for friends. she is helpful, nice, and lonely.
  • Analyzes how quarta acts surprisingly nice after making a new sport called "one ball." she accepts everyone to play, including the ones that teased her for years.
  • Analyzes how quarta was alone when she was younger and when her life went on, but she made a few friends.
  • Concludes that using clues like we did with the story "the girl with only 2 arms and 2 legs" can make a difference.

The “One ball” wow. After Quarta makes a new sport called “one ball” Quarta accepts Everyone to play. Including the ones that teased her for years. Is it pure generosity? Did she just take the rules so she can just make a few friends? But then adding up the clues, Quarta seems to have a hidden personality. Which should make you suspicious. Finally, let's think of the no friend problem. As it says, “Growing up, Quarta had very few friends.” This obviously shows that Quarta was alone when she was younger and when her life went on, but it says she made a few friends. A few. She looks alright on the outside as you can tell (other than the 2 arms and 2 legs), she looks confident, and ready to make friends. But can you guess what she's feeling on the inside? Yet again, think of that one word. Desperate. But obviously, not too desperate. So in conclusion, you can tell towards the beginning and middle of the story “The girl with only 2 arms and 2 legs” that sometimes people don't feel like how they're acting. Like Quarta, she acted nice and generous and based on our evidence, she didn't feel that way. And using clues like we did with this story, you can make a difference. So, let's go make the world a better place, shall

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