The Girl Who Raised Pigeons Analysis

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Art and literature work independently of each other, however, they can be linked together to help a reader or observer understand in new ways and create new possibilities. Within this context, the perspective of Jacob Lawrence and the authors address that it takes work to build the ideal society and family. However, the authors give the stark reality of both society and family demonstrating that our reality is nothing like the ideal. Jacob Lawrence was raised in Harlem and within his art are black families and social protest. As a result, he not only challenged the racial status quo but he also included working black females and builders being with their families (Nesbett). Within his piece The Builders, the bright colors of red, blue, yellow,…show more content…
Jones’s “The Girl Who Raised Pigeons” there is a sense of unity within society and family that can be easily correlated to the theme of The Builders. A perfect example of this within society is when Jones states,” he clothed her with a yellow outfit and its yellow bonnet that Wilma Ellis, the school teacher next door, had given Betsy Ann...On the sidewalk he covered her with a light green blanket the Dr. Oscar Jackson and his family up the street had given the baby… Beside her, he placed a blue rattle from the janitor Jake Horton across the street” (Jones 1346). This is important because it shows how the different members of the community of different occupations have all reached out with helping hands to help raise Betsy Ann. In relation to Lawrence, this demonstrates the work being done by members of the society and as a result, the unity is revealed. Another example of this is when Miss Etta sees Betsy Ann and asks, “Yo daddy know you this far from home” (Jones 1353). Although Betsy Ann did not know Miss Anna knew her name, she ultimately gets her out of trouble and sends her home. Once again, the society is working together to help with Betsy Ann and to help one another since Miss Etta could have easily let her get punished by the store…show more content…
Sonny states, “I’m glad mama and daddy are dead and can’t see what’s happened to their son and I swear if I’d known what I was doing I would never have hurt you so, you and a lot of other fine people who were nice to me and believed in me” (Baldwin 417). This expresses disappointment within himself while addressing the hurt and disappointment he has caused to others. This is the not so sweet part of family life and in this instance, the part no-one wants to go through. Later the narrator states, “He came by the house from time to time, but we fought almost every time we met…But there were lots of others people in the room and Sonny just lay on his bed, and he wouldn’t come downstairs with me, and he treated these other people as though they were his family and I weren’t” (Baldwin 427). This portrays a potential disconnect between Sonny and his brother. To treat friends as family and your brother as a stranger demonstrates a vast amount of soreness and a serious lack of brotherly affection between the two. Sonny later states, “And I don’t know how I played, thinking about it now, but I know I did awful things, those times, sometimes, to people. Or it wasn’t that I did anything to them—it was that they weren’t real” (Baldwin 431). This statement along with the others captures how grand obscurities can enter into the family life and destroy it. He says,

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