The Gift Of The Magi Analysis

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The Greatest Gift The “Gift of the Magi”, by O. Henry, is a short story that unfolds in an unanticipated and remarkable way that gently tugs the reader in which makes them want to continue reading. The story is about two characters named Della and Jim. For Christmas, Della cuts her hair to sell for money to buy Jim a chain for his watch while Jim sells his watch to buy Della some fancy combs. They both couldn’t use each other's gifts properly by reason of them sacrificing what they loved likewise finding delight in giving - what is foolish in the head, may be wise for the heart. An example of this is how some may think that Della cutting her greatest possession, her hair, is foolish in the head since their reasoning may be that why would you…show more content…
An example of this related to my life is how my mother had a choice: either take care of me, specifically be my mother, but lose a great deal of her opportunities or say, “I’m not their real mother, I don’t have an obligation to raise them.” but notwithstanding, she said, “I love these children; consequently, I only want the best for them. Also, I believe it is in the best interest of the children that they have a mother to raise them up to be kind people in this chaotic world.” Her decision led to several years sacrificed, which I find quite touching the heart; accordingly, I could only try to be the best I can be while remaining grateful nevertheless being the source of her pride. The characters in “The Gift of the Magi” sacrificed something that is important to them to sell it for money to buy the person they love a gift that would be important to…show more content…
The audience was expecting that they give each other presents that could function properly with what they have, moreover, that it would be a happily ever after ending by cause of the author leading us on by having Della take great care and time searching for the perfect gift for Jim. Also, this story is an allusion referring to the bible which holds the story of Jesus being born. This story is an allusion as a result of the reference the story makes to the magi who traveled to give gifts to the newborn baby,

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