The Ghent Treaty as Seen by Americans

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The Ghent Treaty as Seen by Americans

Ghent Treaty: Success or Failure?

The War of 1812 was fought between the new and fragile United States against the British Empire, Canadian Provinces and a few Woodland Indian Tribes. The War of 1812 was an attempt by the Americans to establish their dominance in North America by conquest of the British owned Canadian Provinces. With an under supplied and undermanned army and navy the United States managed to scrape up a stalemate with the British. The British, with the defeat of Napoleon, turn back toward the Old World to establish their presence as the greatest empire in Europe. The Treaty of Ghent was signed by both, the British and United States, to agree upon an armistice and return all rightful land and prisoners back to their respective country. The War of 1812 had major effects in the aftermath of the war both domestically and in foreign affairs. The United States, coming off a decent result on land and even more importantly on the seas against the British Empire, gained more respect in the community of European nations. Inside its borders, America had the greatest nationalistic movement it has seen since the forming of the Union. Nationalism boosted the economy, the arts, and transportation. "The American System" was formed and an anthem was created that Americans can sing to show their patriotism.

As the War of 1812 concluded the world's super powers, France, Spain and Portugal, are stunned once again. For the second time the Americans control the British in North America. Americans stake a claim that they are a force which is strong, independent and assumes respect. The foreign policy result of the War of 1812 is a great boost to the ego and respect for Americans by fellow European counterparts.

Inside its newly formed borders American pride is overflowing the democratic cup. Nationalism is at an all time high. Throughout the Republic, Americans young and old are proud to be Americans. American writers and poets contribute to the newly established American Literature section. Poets, like Washington Irving and Fennimore Cooper, make a splash in the United States and in the international scene. Artists create a new style called landscape mode. They draw the majestic American landscapes on sideways canvass. Education switched from a British point of view to an American point of view. Textbooks were published by an for Americans.
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