The German Soldiers: A Short Story

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She awoke to the sounds of the street; crying infants and distant gunshots assaulted her senses as she blinked sleep out of her eyes. Harsh unnatural light shone through the bedroom door, disturbing the sleep of her little brother on the opposite bed. “Why are all the lights on?” She asked herself as she yanked the covers off. Her body shivered from the cold as her feet slapped against the stone floor. She stumbled over to the long cupboard mirror, scrunching her nose in distaste as she grabbed an old wooden brush. She ran the brush through her thick raven black hair as it trailed down her spine. A glance at calendar told her that today was the Sabbath.
“Chizkiyahul, what time is it?” asked the little boy, still half asleep in bed.
“Time for you to get up I think, little man” she replied as she walked over to the window.
“But I don't wanna get up” complained the little boy, “Does it really matter if we miss synagogue this time?”
Pulling the curtains back, she glanced out of the window. The street was dark and cold, a steady stream of snow fell down. Further down the street, half a dozen soldiers were going from house to house, pulling families out of their homes. The soldiers were wearing thick black leather trenchcoats, their faces looked cold, uncaring and hostile.
“Yes it does, don't let Mama or Papa hear you say that Hadasha if you value eating your dinner tonight” she told him as she exited the bedroom door.
The sound of groaning wooden furniture came from her parent’s bedroom. Chizkiyahul took a step back into the shadows. The sound of her mother could be heard whimpering. The soldiers dragged her parents down the hallway, past the bathroom, through the kitchen and out the front door. Horror shocked Chizkiyahul into silence...

... middle of paper ... be brave for her little brother.
“Look, the stairs, they must be up here” she heard a soldier exclaim.
One, two, three, fou- thud
“Bastard, this stupid stair tripped me up”
Slowly she started to inch the desk towards the stairs.
“Bloody hell man, get up” said the other soldier in a harsh voice.
Just a few more inches. The wooden desk groaned, as if to alert the soldiers.
“What the hell is that desk doing there?”
Yelling, Chizkiyahul pushed the desk the final inch. Gravity taking over as it fell down the stairs. The soldier looked up as the desk was coming towards him. His look changed from one of cold and callousness, to shock and fear. Chizkiyahul noticed a slight look of sorrow spread across his face and she felt a cold dark within her, despise.
“Mercy Mercy” she said mockingly a moment before the desk hit him, knocking him down the stairs. Snapping his neck.
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