The German Reformation And The Peasants ' War

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As western civilization evolved, change has influenced the landscape of many civilizations. The German Reformation of the early 16th century, inspired great amounts of change throughout parts of Europe. In Michel Baylor’s book, “The German Reformation and the Peasants’ War,” Baylor focuses on the roles of rebellion, violence, Christianity, and most importantly, the misinterpretation of reformation teachings during the Peasants’ War. The change caused by the Reformation and the Peasants’ War led to a decrease in religious practices and a violent rebellion. Christianity characterized the Peasants’ War among the people. In addition to Christianity, a rebellion fueled by the differences among these people, and violence against people who supported and also neglected the rebellion also characterized the Peasants’ War. During the time of the reformation, the Roman Catholic Church held the highest authority throughout Europe. In the book, “The German Reformation and the Peasants’ War,” Baylor stated, “The Reformation shattered a Latin Christian religious and ecclesiastical tradition that has endured without lasting figure for more than a thousand years” (Baylor). The division among the religions during the Reformation inspired a change Europe had not witnessed in over a thousand years. The destruction of the common tradition that took place mixed with the new idea of Christianity ended up in many disagreements. Martin Luther’s ideas that he presented were in no resemblance to those ideas of the Catholic Church. Martin Luther stated that Christianity should be based on faith (Baylor 9). Luther’s ideas coming forward were described as a single man rebelling against the Catholic Church, this inspired many people. Sa... ... middle of paper ... ...ts by the noble ones. Even though the times are different, many changes have occurred from the reformation to the modern day. However, many minds and hearts of the people stay the same. During the Peasants’ War religion was used as justification and in modern day Christianity Religion is rarely used as justification. The similarities along with the differences are very obvious between early protestant Christianity and modern day Christianity. The Reformation and the Peasants’ War made a distinct change in the western civilization. The war saw the killing of thousands of peasants and a decrease in demographic Santo 4 numbers. The reformation started the breaking of tradition of Christian religion and the onset of the formation of new religious views. The misinterpretation of the reformers constructed a change throughout western civilization.

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