The Generation Of Generation X

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While the Millennials are getting their lives together for the future that is yet to come, many generation x members are debating whether Millennials are ready to take in charge of their world and the generations to come. It’s not a surprise that the generation x members are depleting. It 's human nature for one generation to die out, and the other to come in and take its place. This is what is happing at this very moment. The generation x population is fading away and it’s up to the millennials to stand up and take charge of this world. However, this is what many generation x members are worried about. Generation x members have statistics and data that shows that the Millennials are in fact not ready for the future. One data that shows how the millennials are not ready for the future is when it comes to the work force. As stated by Erin O’Conner article No Child Left Behind, “employers complain loudly that their young hires can’t read, write or calculate and spend over three billion dollars every year on remedial training to bring them up to speed.” This data shows that millennials are not ready to even function in a normal job. Not only that it’s costing business money just to help the millennials to reeducate them to be up to par with generation x workers. If the millennials are not prepared for the work force than what are they ready for? Recent studies like these shed new light, which shows that the millennial generation can’t do the most basic task in every day life. Reading, writing, and calculating are the fundamentals for every human person. It’s something that taut for years of education and yet the millennial are not prepared for it. I believe that part of the reason why the millennials don’t know their reading, w... ... middle of paper ... ...tion is not ready because the millennial generation is thinking different of what there future can be. As I stated in one of my essay Critics Have Misunderstood The Millennial Generation, “Sure the generation before us may disagree with our ideas and our decisions in life, but who said the millennial generation should be a copy of generation x. Change is good because it provides a different view to maybe the same understanding.” With technology providing many opportunities for Millennials to find different routs to live a better life its understanding why generation x doesn’t understand. This current age culture is surrounded by technology and for better or worse it’s helping the millennials or is dysfunctional to their education. Either way, I believe that the future for the millennials is on the right path. Maybe generation x doesn’t see it but the millennials do.

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