The Generation And Generation X

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If this paradigm is flipped then it is easy to see that this advancement of Millennials compared to previous generations is normal and in fact beneficial to the greater society. So far Millennials have been achieving those leadership positions and already at a young age they are starting to rule the world. Rather than having a negative attitude towards the transition from Baby Boomers and the Generation X to the Millennials, the generations should work together and learn from each other. Parents from previous generations should be proud of how they raised their children—they are succeeding in life. Most Millennials have even been holding off on marriage and children until they have a attain stability. They have an agenda, and they’re achieving their goals. It goes to prove “you can do anything you believe in,” and that optimism is a good thing that will hopefully be an inspiration to the coming generations as well. Lastly older generations contemplate whether Millennials are lazy, entitled, self-absorbed, and technology crazed because they are spoiled and more privileged than any generation before. Having more support, material wealth, and opportunities has allowed them to have more access to technology making them lazier and self-absorbed, so much that they feel entitled to trophies for everything they do. Larissa Faw, author of the Forbes article “Why Millennials Are Spending More Than They Earn, and Parents Are Footing the Bill,” exclaimed “You don’t get a trophy for not getting your work done, when you don’t feel like finishing something, [or] when you quit” (qtd. in Dries). The chain reaction of criticisms leads back to the fact that Millennials have grown up “mutated to adapt to their environment” (Stein). Their families a... ... middle of paper ... ...s, previous generations can help and explain the foundational way of operation. While previous generations fall behind in technological advancements, Millennials can share their expertise on technology. Every generation has its flaws and together the holes can be filled, simply with a little optimism and collaborative work. The key to closing this gap is education – knowledge of the past and present. Programs such like Pollak’s initiative to work with companies and help train directors how to manage and market to the Millennial generation of young adults will contribute to a better understanding on how to handle workplace confrontations (qtd. in Dowdy). Lastly, Millennials too have some contributions they can make to close the gap. As understanding as they are, they still have plenty to learn from older generations that will help prepare them for possible obstacles.

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