The General Connotation Of Stress Management

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Stress is an everyday part of our lives whether it be at work, in the car or in any public place. It is the rapid heart rate, heavy breathing, angering feeling that can happen for some like myself at the drop of a hat. I think this in itself is one of the many reasons the topic is an interesting one. Unlike the animal groups mentioned in our course, there are more random factors to a humans stress in a given day. I think with that alone the study becomes ever-changing and that much more interesting. Especially, when you factor in that some stressors do not affect everyone, something that bothers you could not bother me in the slightest. That in my opinion is why it is so interesting, it is a multifaceted subject. In my personal life I am happy…show more content…
Stress can cause disease just as easily as it can help you focus, the way you handle the given situation makes all the difference. That is exactly how I plan to approach my stress management plan. I have been stressed more than I have been fine and I do not falter in my ways. For all my life I have been managing stress, living each day better than the last and pushing through like I don’t have a care in the world. All the while, certain parts of myself are in pain. Instead of ignoring it I act on it, use it as the fuel to push me forward and that’s all I really need to do. To think that I will live a life without stress is a dream, but since I have already done so well in controlling its effect on my life I don’t really have to change anything. I accept the problem, continue with my day and keep the focus where it needs to…show more content…
Stress is everywhere, it is all about how you handle it. The information I have learned within this course has given me additional insight on the advantages and disadvantages of stress on a person’s well-being. There are many people who flourish under added stress, while others falter and knowing which of those two you are is only half the battle. Taking the time to enjoy life and the people in it is by far the most important learning this semester. If you don’t stop to smell the roses every once in a while, who knows when you won’t be able

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