The Gendered Brain and Its Influence on Roles

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It is a fact that our society faces many issues regarding gender identification today. I believe many of these issues come from the differences in a female brain and a male brain and the standards our society has set for each. The hormones that run through our bodies help shape the gender that we identify with and our society tells us what is “normal or acceptable” for each gender. When the brain and hormones do not match the sex we are assigned at birth chaos arises. No matter how hard our environment tries to enforce the physical gender that our body represents, our mind can reject it, even if we are consciously trying to accept the assigned sex.
A mind is shaped by everything in a person’s environment, from chemicals to other individuals’ words and feelings that we are exposed to. There are many people in our lives that shape our minds like our parents, siblings, neighbors, teachers, coaches and friends. Even people we hear on television and the radio. Anyone who can share their opinion on anything helps us develop our own minds. It is obvious that a parent or guardian is the very first influence on us and this would make them the foundation setters. Other factors shape our minds such as our environment that we live in and are exposed to on any given time. For example, if you introduce a foreign food to a child once and they like it but never give it to them again, they will still have a fond knowledge of this food and may order it when they have a chance as an adult. If the child has a negative experience with this food their idea of it shapes differently and may never try it again. One simple moment has shaped that persons perception. This happens throughout our lives, shaping our minds and making us who we are. This happens ...

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...society. In some cases it was even found to be a justified reaction. As time goes on and we are educated on the human biology shaping our minds to better accept others and the different genders that exists and we become more tolerant. We are aware of the multiple sexualities and with each generation become better educated with how to treat each other which leaves a smaller area for intolerance and violence against others.
I believe eventually our minds that are shaped by our environment will automatically accept all possibilities when it comes to biology and our society. Our culture will evolve to be a society of just equality. Our minds will be judge by our education, that we can control, rather than the hormones, that we cannot control, that run through our bodies. Our brains are as unexplored as our oceans and the possibilities are endless when it comes to them.

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