The Gender Payage Gap Essay: Equal Work Equal Pay

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Equal Work Equal Pay Recently my good friend complained to me that although she and her husband have the same position and job, she receives a lower wage than her husband. She believes that if she and her husband did not happen to work for the same company, she would have never noticed that women make less than men because of gender. I was a little shocked to hear my friend’s “true story”; I have unconsciously accepted that women have more care-giving responsibilities, which leads them to choose less demanding jobs with lower pay. More often than not, they work part time instead of full time, some of them choosing to quit their jobs or stop pursuing their education to stay home and take care their families. There is a stigma in our society…show more content…
Some women who have younger children are forced to take time out of workforce to take care of their children, due to preexisting wage gap and extremely high cost of childcare. Absolutely it makes more economic sense for the parent with the lower salary to take time off if necessary." ( As result, taking time away from work causes some employers to discriminate against female workers, women are perceived as being unable to consistently perform their jobs well. As a result, both opportunities for promotion as well as pay are affected. I know a couple who both have PhD’s in computer science from the same university; the wife had to quit her job when she had her second child, for her salary just wasn’t enough pay for her two children’s childcare. They even had to cut off some expenses to live off of one income. When her children reached school age, she decided to get back to work to help the household expenses; unfortunately, she has had terrible luck getting another job. Some companies have responded to her saying that they needed more experienced workers, and she was lacking in experience having been out of the job market for a few years. Her situation is very sad to see, however, it is not uncommon as it exemplifies the prevalent issues of gender inequality in America’s workforce. Equal pay for women…show more content…
Unfortunately, women today still struggle for equal pay for equal work and unequal pay triggers unequal opportunities for their careers. We all know that a lot of higher management jobs are held by men, not women. The article from states that “[t]he wages gap starts early in women’s careers and grows over time, women who get business degrees and have the same experience as men end up with lower level jobs right out of school and are paid thousands less. Those same men are then twice more likely to end up being named CEO than the women, and women in corporate America report that still face gender-specific discrimination.” (Glynn, It seems that women are encouraged to pursue marriage and having a family rather than excel in their education and career. The daughter of a friend will graduate from UC Berkeley this summer, and wants to directly apply for graduate school for her Master’s degree. Her mother firmly believes, however, that finding a good man to marry is more important than pursuing a higher degree. Women don’t have as many opportunities to build themselves up in their career. While a family is important, women still should have the same opportunity to pursue their education and their careers if they so choose. Some day they can get married, begin a family, and can set a good example for their children. If they never get married, they can expand their knowledge and
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