The Gay Marriage Conspiracy

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Today I would like to talk to you about some of the conspiracies surrounding gay marriage. Some people have said that the gays are planning some huge plot to convert all the straight people. It all makes sense! They cry equality just to get straight people to be nice to them. Then once the straight people let their guard down, they turn e m! There's also another conspiracy I want to talk about. I beleive that if we allow them lesbians to marry, then they are going to trap all of us men into paying child support through reproductive entrapment. I recently heard a sort of fight conspiracy between gay men and straight men on Youtube, its mostly just gays trying to threaten straight guys with taking our girls.I can honestly say I am torn.
So back to the first conspiracy that I was talking about. I've heard all about how the gays are going to turn us straight people. The conspiracy is a plot devised by them homosexuals to desensitize, normalize, and then ultimately convert the straight society into a gay society. This pretty much means they are going to either gonna make you 'gay friendly' or are gonna be hostile to those who resist. In order to do this they have devised several strategies ranging from TV propaganda to mind-control through "teaching pro-gay concepts in the public schools." Once they have started, they wont stop! After they have gotten the children on their sides, they will start to legalize anti-gay laws, approve homosexual adoptions, even securing rights for those who identify themselves as "gay."
The other conspiracy I wanted to talk about was made by a great Christian man named David Usher. He figured out that there will be three classes of marriage if we allow gay marriage. First off is class1 which is mother mothe...

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...d want to happen is if all the gay guys just took our wives. Just take these into consideration when deciding whether or not to allow more gays to marry.

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