The Gaps And The Contradictions From My Framework

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The gaps and the contradictions from my framework to my video. In my framework, I talk about working in a holistic way using Te Whare Tapa Wha model. However, in the role- play I did not work with the client in a holistic way. Although, it was very person centred as the client was choosing what she felt was important. I also talk about working from a strengths based perspective, which I felt like at times during the role- play I did very well. However, I feel like overall I was not working consistently from a strengths based perspective, especially when we were discussing the situation with her partner. I feel as though this was because we discussed our role- play just before we started filming and I have not worked with domestic violence before so I was unsure about what I should say. My role- play partner had worked with domestic violence before and because she did her role- play first I was able to use some of her information in my own role- play. Yet, this did cause us to break role a number of times in my role- play, which I feel affected my overall confidence within my role- play as I feel as though it is not good enough. How I influenced the situation. The day that we did the filming for our role- play, I was having an unfortunate day, where almost everything that could go wrong, had. I felt that this has come through in my role-play as I was a bit scattered and did not appear as put together as I could. I feel that this could make the client not as willing to open up to me as a social worker because I do not seem that capable at my job. In the role- play, I was unsure about where the Women’s Refuge was in Palmerston North and looked at my client for confirmation, which she would not know as she had only just moved here. T... ... middle of paper ... ...nnected with my practice framework and the relationship between the various components of my framework. The next part of this essay used Fook & Gardner (2007) to answer the following questions: What are the gaps and contradictions between what I say I do (my practice framework) and what is implied by what I did in my video. How did I influence the situation through my presence, actions, preconceptions, or assumptions, other people 's perceptions of me, my physical well-being on the day? What words or language patters have I used? What do these indicate about the way I am constructing the situation? In addition, what assumptions are implicit in my account and where do they come from? The final part of the essay looked at a critique about how I have considered the ethical and social justice issues surrounding the role-play such as domestic violence and custody issues.
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