The Gap Between High Income And Middle Class

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For decades, the United States educational system has provided opportunity for millions of Americans to attend school. However, the gap between the lower income and middle-class students continue to narrow in terms of who will drop out and who would succeed. The articles I chose speak both of issues regarding education and inequality and the growing gap of educational success between the haves and the have nots. In addition, how race and lower class play a large factor on those who succeed and those who do not.The articles also bring to life possible factors such as funding towards a child’s education, in particular the early years, parent involvement and race. The lack of fundings for schools plays a huge factor in children 's education. In my opinion, I believe it’s the biggest. While cities like chicago have to mainly depend on property taxes, there is also the increased pressure of the city having limited amount due to additional non school costs such as, police expenditures and public health making it more difficult to provide students with low socioeconomic background to have the proper tools and teaching received at school in the richer district. Research has found that the outcome for minority students seem to part of unequal access to proper educational resources that includes skilled teachers and effective programs. It has also been found that the educational system students are receiving dramatically different learning opportunities based on their social status. In an online article on the Huffington post, Bernstein (2013) stated, “To counteract these effects, we’ll need to offset the impacts of the income disparities by providing less-advantaged kids with access to the enrichment opportunities they’re increasing not g... ... middle of paper ... the understanding or support. In order to get the millions of Americans to be educationally successful, the school system and parents must provide the proper tools, funds and time to help our children especially those with a low socio economic background. Instead of simply passing them so schools make the grade, we as parents, should instead focus and pinpoint what the problem is at a very young age. Each kid needs to have a pathway and support on that pathway because for a lot of these kids, they have only seen and experienced failure and are ready to give up at the first sign of trouble. They need to be guided over those first few years so they learn success and start to visualize real opportunity on the other side. For those kids unable to do this, it will take a lot more time than what the current educational system is willing to do to get additional help.

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