The Gap Between Customer’s Expectations and Experience Received from Wan Hai Lines in Penang

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1.1 Research Background Wan Hai Lines (M) Sdn Bhd in Penang is one of branches of Wan Hai group which headquarter in Taiwan. Wan Hai Lines started its branches in Penang in year 1992 with its core business provided shipping services to handle import and export shipments from port to port (CY to CY) . They are mainly targeted short haul services whereby arrange shipment to / from Asia Pacific countries such as China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South East Asia and etc. Wan Hai Penang was experienced very good time and fast growth during 90’s and 2000’s before economy crisis in year 2008. They were one of top volume carrier in short haul area in Penang. Fast growth was mainly due to less in supply and competitiveness during 90’s & 2000’s in Penang . However, during economy crisis in year 2008 till now, they faced very tough challenges and also the increasing of supply where most of shipping companies have offered same services and delivered new ship with huge capacities. Increased of competitiveness where supplies exceed demands caused price war in the industry. In order to retain, acquire and extend customers, Wan Hai Lines need to adopt price strategy to attract customers’ supports. Furthermore, the impact of price war caused decrease in revenues while cost of operating keeps on increasing from time to time such as bunker fuel price. Wan Hai Lines is currently facing very tough challenges to overcome the obstacles. Apart from freight rates competition, overall service quality is important for customers’ retention, acquired and extension. With the management slogan of “We Carry, We Care” in mind, Wan Hai is devoted to providing high quality service to their customers. They are committed to providing punctual schedules and personalized ser... ... middle of paper ... ...e current grievances or satisfactory services for further improvements. In the same time, customers will understand the reasons for the difficulties faced by shipping companies for unable to fulfil their expectations through feedback after the survey. 1.5 Scope of the Study Wan Hai Lines, a shipping company was selected as an area for the study of business-to-business service quality because of its growing role in Penang. It is a maritime transportation service widely used by companies for export and import purpose around the world. Moreover, Penang port was seen as ideal location for this study. This study shall include the customer groups of shipping sectors from Penang. Industrial customers shall be selected randomly to participate in the survey to identify and measure their expectations and to what extend Wan Hai Lines the customers’ expectations are fulfilled.

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