The Gaming Community Is A Fun Place

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The gaming Community is a fun place to go to for advice on games and to also make friends with others around the world it can range from people that like the same games, genres, or have the same play style as you and you can also find people around the same age as yourself. The Reason i’m going with this topic is because there is a lot of unsuitable content for the younger audience that play the same games as the adults and we really can’t be having this type of stuff for the young audience and yes I know that eventually they will learn about these things someday in the future. The thing that i’m proposing is that we should have a stronger way to restrict the younger audience from getting a hold of rated +M games that have a really strong form of content. There are many games that hold tags on them that say strong use of language, sexual content, use of drugs and alcohol, and blood and gore sure kids might find this stuff cool and interesting, but this is stuff that they shouldn’t play or watch at the young age. In the end the young audience is able to get the game by either asking their parents or just someone that is old enough or they can also buy it online from the gaming companies in-game store and that to me doesn’t give much restrictions to them at all. The way I want to have this material out of a the younger hand of the community is to add more restrictions to them by not allowing rated +M games to be bought online and to also inform the buyer in the store that the Game is not meant for kids. These rated +M games are meant for adults and the community that plays these games aren’t really kid friendly and some communities add younger members to just make fun of them or to trash talk towards them to make them feel bad and ... ... middle of paper ... ... I’m just tired of have to deal with younger kids when I play also because I try to help them, but they are still clueless on what they’re doing and having to do in the game and this happens to me in every game that I play and I don’t mind if i 'm playing with someone that is my age because it 's much easier to explain it to them because they try to follow along and learn from it unlike a child whee they think they know what their doing, but then end up failing at what the game was about. I’m not the type of guy that messes with kids because I don’t like hearing them complain or cry about what happened to them so I either tell them to stop talking or I try to mute them if the game that I playing supports the mute button to just ignore them. So all i’m saying is that and game that is +M-A rated shouldn’t be in the hands of a 10 and under year old kid that can’t think .

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