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Each year over one hundred million people tune in and watch the superbowl, where two of the best teams in the NFL league battle to be crowned as the best team (SANDOMIR.) The epicness and the surrealness that Super Bowl Sunday brings each year draws everyone 's attention on that one day. One hundred and forty years in the making, the game of football has dramatically evolved and has become America 's most prominent sport and a core part of Americans culture. But the NFL has just started to tackle the serious issue of concussions and detrimental effects of possible diseases. The vicious nature of the game can lead to many players receiving concussions that accumulate over time. The increasing and frequent number of concussions between players can result in lifelong psychological and neurological damage. Concussion are even more dangerous for children 6-12 years old. Sustaining a concussion during the development ages has a potential to have disastrous effects which is why the game should be avoided at this age. The high speed and war like nature of the game can l cause concussions that are more detrimental for children whose brains are still developing.The game of football can be described as aggressive, tough, and barbaric and the collisions from certain tackles can cause sudden and abrupt movement of the brain within the skull. The sudden impact jars the brain causing the brain to bounce back and forth inside skull like the yolk inside an egg being violently shaken. The effects of concussions can alter brain functions which include headaches and problems with memory and balance. According to Anthony P. Kontos, “An empirical investigation of concussion incidence in this younger population is warranted because younger athlete... ... middle of paper ... ...d to death. Every sport has the benefit of exercise but also has the possible liability of receiving an injury . However, the implications of playing football carry many risks of receiving a concussion and the long term effects neurological diseases which outweigh the benefits of playing the sport. With new research and evidence from Boston University that show the correlation between head injuries and CTE from playing football, parents should look to alternative sports that can teach life lessons and also exercise the body . A child can sustain a concussion from football within a few seconds, which can lead to terrible aftereffects and symptoms that can hinder or permanently damage a child 's future. The potential for head injury is very high in this intense contact sport, and parents should take this into consideration before allowing their child to participate.

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