The Game Of Football As A Professional Business

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It don’t matter if you 're a high school senior with 12 scholarship offers or a 7th grader in middle school with no playing time under your belt, i believe that you should treat the game of football as a professional business because when you don 't set the right example of how to act the people judging you do, when you don 't play to meet their standards that they have set for you they do, when you make mistakes the people judging you do. It don 't matter if a player is the best student at the school when that student don 't act the way the people judging feels that he should act the double standard is put into place that no one speak about. We even see this taking place NFL with players like Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks and Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots. The Author for Owen Pence say “It’s fine to dislike Richard Sherman. But before reaching that conclusion, it has to be noted how the media, or at least a portion of the media, handles players like Sherman, attempting to paint them in a light that is laced with negativity while choosing to ignore what’s below the surface. Sadly, this seems to be a common theme throughout the world of sports journalism today, as internet muscles are flexed with astounding levels of confidence when discussing the likability of certain athletes. Sherman is one of the main victims of this culture, one that continues to grow. We all know that Sherman went up to Boston’s most prized athlete, the untouchable Tom Brady, and asked him if he was mad (bro) about New England’s 24-23 loss to his own Seattle Seahawks. What seems to go unmentioned is the interaction that occurred earlier in the game (when New England still retained the lea... ... middle of paper ... ... begin to imagine what it’s like to walk in the shoes as a black man daily. To be clear, America has come a long way in race relations, however, you’re being truly dishonest with yourself in my opinion if you don’t think that we still have a long way to go.” when you make mistakes the people judging you judge you as if you are an adult and a professional. One of the best examples is Rob Gronkowski on his boat. Usa today 's say’s The argument that Gronkowski supporters will make is this: He’s the best tight end in the league, he’s coming off another good season, his parties don’t hurt anyone and he’s never seemed to be anything but focused come football time. He’s clearly carved out his niche as the party king of the NFL. To wrap things up the big ideal of this i believe that you should treat the game of football as a professional business.
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