The Future of the American Family

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Good morning Mister Speaker and members of Congress. I am before you today to address the issue of the future of the American family. The family is the heart of our society and the backbone of our country’s future. The Government must commit to strengthening family life and recognizing the importance of the ever changing family structure and dynamic. Improvements in the areas of education, health care, and safety are vital for the success of the American family’s future. The future leaders of this country are the children of today. The families of today, regardless of family structure, must be strengthened and supported by society and the government in the family’s efforts to ensure their children is prepared for the future. Each state in the union has various means by which to educate the country’s children, public, private and home. Although federal and state taxes assist funding the public school systems, many teachers still lack adequate supplies to provide opportunities for the children to reach their potential. The ‘no child will be left behind’ program from years ago still gua...

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