The Future of Printed Books in the Digital Age

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The question to whether the print media are overtaken in this digital age has elicited various arguments from scholarly quarters. To understand the fate of print media in the current digital age it is essential to define the term book as example of print media. A book can be defined as a composition literary document published or intended for publication. It is composed of a set of printed information, illustrations, blank sheets and materials fastened to hinge on one side. There are millions of books authored and published daily by various authors across the globe.
In the recent time, books have changed its form to suit digitalized world this has led to emergence of E−books. An E−book can be defined as an electronic book. This are digitalized version of books which are accessible through the use of online data bases as well as CD−ROMS. This new version has attracted numerous scholars as well as other service uses. This new shift in demand can be associated with its advantages, which entails accessibility when using digitalized gadgets such as smart phones and laptop...
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