The Future of Global Warming

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Introduction of the introduction: This one page of introduction will include 3 paragraphs on what the subject ‘’Global Warming” is about. One paragraph will be on how the topic is introduced, the second about what it will discuss, and the third on how the topic is analyzed with details and proven experiments. And in the last paragraph will be the conclusion of the subject, a brief summary on global warming, but in a few phrases. Introduction of the discussion: In this discussion, there will be three pages elaborating on certain topics, which are sea levels rising, the disappearance of land, rising temperatures rising and etc. These specific topics will be discussed more efficiently in my three-page discussion and evaluated. Introduction of the analysis: One specific topic from the discussion section will be picked and explained in the analysis. In this three-page analysis, the topic of sea levels rising will be discussed a lot. There will be given examples and proven experiments about how the topic is related to global warming and global disasters. Information on how the sea level will affect our everyday life. Introduction of the conclusion: In the one page conclusion, there will be different opinions on what global warming is. There is a positive and negative aspect to the topic, Global Warming isn’t only a bad thing and there will be explanations and facts given to answer any questions or research. The conclusion is the most important part of the essay where it is all put together so the reader remembers the most important details. Global warming is a major disaster, which has put us through a difficult situation. Global warming is scaring everyone who is aware of it. The pollution created by the use of oil is one of th... ... middle of paper ... ...that we should use less fossil fuels and not to pollute. Building dams levees are going to stop the sea levels from rising, but do we know how long it will be able to do so? It is very likely that by the 23rd century, the ice sheets will melt at a fast rate and that the oceans will rise at an increasing speed. We are getting prepared, building; thinking and researching. Some scientists believe that our CO2 levels could quadratic over the next centuries. If CO2 continues to expand at a growing rate, 50 feet of sea level rise per century is certainly a possibility, it will bring to big disasters. Global warming will happen if we like it or not. We better adapt to it soon because we will no longer have a choice when its too late to build dams and levees to protect our coastlines from floods. Global warming is the future and change will be a big threat to us all.

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