The Future Of Machines And Mechanical Engineering

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As a little boy, I have always been interested with machines and mechanical engineering. Lego bricks got me interested with building all sorts of buildings, cars and even trains. I would like to learn the skills needed to build machines and produce them for a career. Smart and intelligent minds help to create marvels in transportation including the cars people drive every day. Designing and producing new machines can improve human activity from mechanical engineering. For example, automobiles and can be made to run better, worse or on completely different fuels to run at an enormous rate. Mechanical engineering runs the world and makes things happen with technology. Machines in factories make goods items to be sold for everyone to use such as the production of tools. The world revolves around these fields. Without mechanical engineering the world would be a much different place. The electronics, vehicles, and houses come into effect with mechanical engineering. A big jump was the industrial revolution that happened in the 18th century. New machines were created to help fulfill the needs of the people and are still being used today. Mechanical engineering breaks into many different fields including civil engineering and aerospace engineering. Civil engineering allows one to build buildings and forms of infrastructure. Examples would be bridges, tunnels; even the empire state building. Aerospace deals with aerodynamics improving speed and drag for travel in cars, trains, and planes. Aerospace is an expanding field with NASA to make spaceships travel with relative ease to cut down fuel usage to space. I would like to design the engines for motor vehicles and have it for a sports team. Mechanical engineering is a fiel... ... middle of paper ... ...n water. The workout equipment was easy to clean, but not the uniforms. My mentor and I went to try and dry them out, but eventually ended up taking them to the dry cleaners and getting them nice and clean. The way a business runs is not always easy and yet the customer does come first as well as a player in the sport facility. My mentor was one that showed a really perspective on how the real world runs in the today events. Ne moment there may be a ton of orders that are coming in for a place of a machine of store faculty will breakdown. The one thing I have learned no matter what from my mentor in job shadowing is to be ready and orgies to expect the good or bad occurrences. The reason for choosing the topic was a backup for a career it something goes wrong or that I don’t get involved in mechanical engineering. Sports business and training was the topic.

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