The Future Of A Nation Relies On Its Youth

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There is no denying that the future of a nation relies on its youth. The human population goes through a never ending cycle of life and death, therefore it is clear that children and teenagers must learn to live independently. From the beginning of time, intelligence and mental capability are large contributing factors in a person’s ability to be self sufficient. Unfortunately, the majority of people are not born with great intelligence. It is the job of a mentor or teacher to teach others how to behave and work in the real world. Teaching is an extremely important job and one that I wish to make a career out of, as I consider teachers the backbone of society. Sometimes their work goes unnoticed or unappreciated, and many of these specialized individuals keep on doing their jobs. Without teachers, many people may not have developed the skills they have today. In today’s world, it may be easier to become a teacher than a surgeon or nuclear physicist, but I believe that in the long run, a teacher helps more people than many other jobs do. A possible career that I plan to pursue is the role of an English Teacher. I enjoy the creative aspect of writing and the fact that there are a lot of ways to express a person’s thoughts. The path that one must take to become a teacher can be very linear in progression. An article on, a website run by various teachers, creates a roadmap on how to become a teacher. The roadmap mentions that “Every state requires that public school teachers be licensed by completing education requirements and passing examinations” and “A bachelor 's degree is the minimum requirement for licensure” (“Requirements to be a Teacher). Both of these requirements are what a person in desire of a teaching care... ... middle of paper ... ...hange the perspective of a class depending on a variety of factors, which may include, professor or school resources. The path to becoming a teacher, like any other occupation, is hard work. It requires at least a bachelor’s degree and a teaching credential to be considered for the job. As a teacher, some benefits include a stable paycheck, various health benefits, and long vacations during the school breaks. A few personal benefits may also include helping others understand a subject you love, and constantly having time to explore that subject. Teaching can be a time consuming occupation which includes, department meetings, grading homework, and the occasional student asking for help. In the end, the goal of the teacher is to help students understand the subject material set by the state standards, and one day I hope to reach the point that will allow me to do so.
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