The Future From Ä Day Made of Glass"

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According to “A Day Made of Glass” advertising video by Corning, the clip represents the kind of future that applies technology in everywhere to make the friendlier world to people because the convenience even from a small task has a huge impact on us.
Opening the video, a couple is sleeping. The alarm clock that is set on the LCD TV wakes the husband up. As soon as he gets out the bed, the wall glass turns from dark to clear so that he can see the morning view. It is amazing that they curtain is replaced by photovoltaic glass. Therefore, he can easily adjust the lightness of the bedroom with this glass even at noon. He doesn’t have to be worried about the light can project to the room and annoys his nap. And then, the wife listens to the news on the architectural display glass while she is washing her face. There is no a TV in the bathroom, but she still can watch the news on the mirror. It seems to be convenience for her to have a TV on the mirror because its range is suitable to her eyes. Moreover, she answers the message on the mirror. She doesn’t need to find her phone,...

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