The Fundamental Analysis Of Jesus Temptations In Matthew 4

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In the New Testament, Matthew 4: 1-11 told a story of Jesus, whom fasted for forty days and forty nights, being tempted by the devil. The devil, whom is referred in text as Satan and the tempter, and challenged Jesus on three different temptations. All which would distract him away from his test and from The Lord, God himself. According to William Loyd Allen in his article “The Devil at the Crossroads”, he explains in Matthew 4 how “Jesus’ temptations in Matthew 4 came at the stage-appropriate time, but their configuration owed more to conditional sources of crisis than developmental ones” . Jesus was only tempted while his fasting was coming towards an end. Just as Jesus we as people, are challenged everyday under different circumstances that can cause us to subside into things that sound good and appealing to the mind. William Allen Lloyd stated in his article Matthew 4:1-11: The Devil at The Crossroads, Jesus had just been proclaimed beloved Son by the voice from heaven at Baptism (Matthew3:17). He was tempted to prove…show more content…
Satan wanted Jesus to use his powers as God to solve his hunger problem to put aside his humanity and to live as God, and not be like man living in obedience and conformance to the Father in the power of the Holy Spirit. Society has been molded to rely on what’s in front of the naked eye, and not relying on the reward at the end of the mission. In “The Expositor’s Bible Commentary: Matthew &Mark, authors Longman and Garland stated, “The point of each temptation must be determined by closely examining both the temptation and Jesus’ response. This clearly shows that this first temptation was no simple incitement to use improper means of making bread (Morison), nor an attempt to use a miracle to prove to himself that he was really God’s Son, nor to act alone without though of others; it was a way to use his Sonship in a way inconsistent with his God - ordained

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