The French and Indian War Was a Major Cause of the American Revolution

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At the outset of the eighteenth century, the Ohio Valley can be identified as the main catalyst in triggering open hostilities between the French and the Americans. The French occupied parts of Canada but also wanted a stake in America. Its means to do this was through the Ohio Valley it maintained. However, the colonists were bound to permeate this area in their push towards the west. And as they did, competition for the lush lands flared up and came to a breaking point. This directly lead to the French and Indian War with the Indians, for the most part, siding with the French against Britain. The events and sentiments that took place during and immediately after the French and Indian War (1754-1763) were extremely important in contributing to the outset of the American Revolution. By looking at the perspectives of the two diverging peoples, it is evident there is a strong contrast, which lead to increasing tensions. The intermingling of arrogant British redcoats and the proud colonial militiamen precariously produced a strong mutual dislike and contempt. The majority of British officers hated colonial service and took great care to avoid it. After all, America was a strange wilderness to them. The West Indies specifically were infested with disease-carrying pests, and fevers were known to kill hundreds of men. Britains found the colonists uncooperative and very reluctant to serve for their country. Religious minority groups especially opposed to war "could play hell with appropriations." (Chidsey) For example, the Quakers absolutely would not fight to protect their very own homes and refused to be taxed for a war because they thought, according to their religion, it was sinful. Most colonists altogethe... ... middle of paper ... ...s, the colonists began to think of themselves as American rather than British. The English had become exasperated in handling the unsatisfiable colonies. Everything they did seemed to be met with discordance. Revolution, though not known at the time, was imminent. Bibliography: Bailey, Thomas and Kennedy, David. The American Pageant. 9th ed. Massachusetts: D.C. Heath and Company, 1991. Chidsey, Donald. The French and Indian War. New York: Crown Publishers, Inc.,1969. Gipson, Lawrence. "The American Revolution As An Aftermath Of the Great War For the Empire." The Causes Of the American Revolution. Ed. by John Wahkle. Boston: D.C. Heath and Company, 1950, 82-94. Jennings, Francis. Empire of Fortune. 1st Ed. New York: W.W. Norton & Company, 1988. Reeder, Colonel Red. The French and Indian War. New York: Thomas Nelson Inc.,1972.

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