The French Revolution Was A Single Feeling

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The French Revolution was based a single feeling. This feeling was injustice and the commoners were sick of being persecuted by the higher monarchies. They stood up to the “big guys” and fought for what they believed in and ended up changing History. Throughout all periods of History, there have been many revolutions. According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of a revolution is a sudden, extreme, or complete change in the way people lived or worked. There are many different reasons why a revolution might happen. Some revolutions were caused due to politics, and others were caused by the economics of a country. There were even social and cultural revolutions. France experienced a revolution in the seventeenth and eighteenth century because the of financial troubles due to politics and the Enlightenment. France experienced a revolution due to the weakening of their monarchy and the economic depression. Although there were parts of the French Revolution that benefitted the commoners, overall, the French revolution was not successful. In the 1700s, France was a considered to be a very powerful and politically advanced country. For hundreds of years, France had been running on a political system called the Old Regime. This system divided the population of France into three groups, also known as estates. Two of the three estates had rights and privileges such as being excused from paying taxes, and having the opportunity to run for a high office. The other estate was not treated with the same luxury. They had to pay insanely high taxes and many did not get the right to get an education. The first estate was made up of the Roman Catholic Church. They were at the top of the social class and owned ten percent of all of France’s land. ... ... middle of paper ... ...emained equal in rights. Immediately following the signing of the Universal Declaration of Rights of Men and Citizens, the Revolution became one of the worst bloodbaths of all time. There were rumors going around that the rulers were hiring people to terrorize the peasants. This time of panic was called the Rein of Terror. Sadly, tens of thousands of French citizens were killed. This series of wars finally ended in 1799 when a military General named Napoleon Bonaparte steps up and elects himself to be emperor or France. In conclusion, the French Revolution did help citizens gain some rights, but overall, it was unsuccessful because the French citizens ended the war with a new monarch who made rules for the country to follow. It was important to learn about the French Revolution because many of the ideas of the new government are still used in our government today.
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