The French Revolution: One Of The Most Important Events In French History

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Opening The French revolution was one of the most important events in global and French history leading to a new unitary state and republic government that replaced the feudal state and monarchy ruled by the aristocrats. The French revolution also allowed the sudden and climatic rise to one of the world 's most renowned and historic conquers Bonaparte Napoleon.
The French revolution
The French revolution lasted from 1789 until 1799. The revolution was triggered because of new political ideals primarily introduced after the American Revolution. During the revolution the kingdom was ruled by Louis XVI, and Marie Antoinette.
The ideals spread the American Revolution was primarily focused around liberation and independence. Through the revolution the idea that the people rather than those governing them had the power, gained profound popularity in France due the economic circumstances.
Before the war 97% of the population lived in extreme poverty, and high tithes (taxes) to the upper class. Most often or not doctors’ fees or education could not be paid making it harder for the common citizen.
The government was divided into three parts the church, nobility, and peasants. The church helped educate, and record marriages, funerals, collect taxes, and other events. The nobility controlled the army, and like that church collected the taxes from peasants,
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The classification of the third estate constitutes as someone who did not have a royal title or a title granted by the church. The treasury was used during the American Revolution and because of heavy spending by royalty the government was thrown into a deficit making the defensive efforts against the rebellion difficult. Jacques Necker minister of finance was fired due to this, where he later helped the revolution. The rebellion renamed themselves the national assembly, using the famous slogan liberty, equality, and fraternity in

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