The French Revolution And The American Revolution

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Latin America’s independence kicked of with the independence of Haiti. Before the the independence movement that overtook Latin America, Haiti had gained independence twenty years before the movement. The Spanish Empire had been in decline for a period of time after the rise of the English empire and many failed battles on the Spanish (class notes). The French Revolution and the American Revolution had inspired many of the Latin American countries to fight for independence (Chapter 3). They were inspired by the Enlightenment that washed over Europe. Of the inspired, one man stood out and took the movement by heart. Simón Bolívar had become an iconic leader for the independence of countries throughout South America. He made his way throughout South America fighting for independence, not only for his home country, Venezuela, but for other countries also suffering under Spanish rule. He was named El Libertador and the countries Bolivia and the Bolívarian Republic of Venezuela, many cities are named after the liberator (Libertador). The Spanish empire had suppressed much of the people in Latin America. The elites, peninsulares, were European born and ruled Latin America in all aspects. Criollos, their children that were born in Latin America, wanted more power. Much of the population, mestizos, mulattoes, Africans, and natives were still feeling the oppression from Europeans. All of these were causes to the reasoning towards independence. The consequences were much more complicated and long-term compared to the causes of independence. After gaining independence, Latin American countries had difficulty in how to govern the newly instated states. In the chaos, people took advantage of this and instated themselves as dictators. They h... ... middle of paper ... ...ited States arrange numerous coups throughout the region. The military coups in Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Nicaragua, Ecuador, and many others had worsened already tense relations with the United States. This was brought out to eliminate socialist ideas and keep American interests at hand in Latin America (Class Notes). After the Cold War, the United States had looked to Latin America to help them fight the various international stances. The War on Drugs, the protection of the environment, economic development, and increasing US exports. The War on Drugs has largely been a failure. However, people look at the protection of the environment as a mixed bag. The Copenhagen Accord, to eliminate carbon emissions was a success, but the Kyoto Accord, reduce greenhouse gasses, was a complete failure. The United States has largely ignored environmental policies (Class Notes).
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