The French Foreign Policy And The French Foreign Policy

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INTRODUCTION How can a country reinforce its position in the world community? What determines national potential of power? What is the "golden ticket" to the elitist club of the most powerful states, which set the world's agenda? The definite answer to these questions does not exist, because there are no written rules or instructions "how to get the power and authority worldwide". Modern system of international relations is changing and becoming more and more complex, that is why the power cannot be understood as an indivisible concept. It directly affects foreign policies of the countries and makes them develop new efficient methods and instruments to succeed on the world arena, some of which have not been examined to the full extent yet. In past few years the "soft" power direction in the policy gained popularity worldwide. However, that concept has had a particular meaning for France for a long time that is primarily connected to its history and specific features, and this fact makes France a subject of great worth for research, because French experience can be adopted by the countries who have fewer achievements in terms of "soft" power, for instance, Russia. Thus, the subject of the paper is French foreign policy and, consequently, the topic is the implementation of "soft" power instruments in French foreign policy. The reason why this sphere dominates as one of the main directions of French foreign policy is that now France positions itself as a middle power with global interests, but it does not possess enough resources of military and economic power ("hard" power) to assure these "global interests", so France fills that gap with "soft" power. The main purpose of the research is to analyse the role of "soft" power instr... ... middle of paper ... ...oft" power is French language that is supposed to be not only the means of communication, but also an instrument of foreign policy because of its historical importance on both regional and international level. Nevertheless, French "soft" power is not as efficient as American and British. It is mostly owing to the global expansion of English, which became a "world" language in the époque of globalisation thanks to the significant role of the US and the UK in world trade and finances, and, at the same time, higher potential of cultural export of Anglo-Saxon countries used to the full extent. Still, despite certain deficiencies, French "soft" power scheme demonstrates impressive results and can serve as a vivid example of state policy aimed at creating favourable country image and, in such a way, reinforcing its position in the modern system of international relations.
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