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Do you ever find yourself looking through old files and re-reading your past writings? If you do, I’m sure that you enjoyed these flashback experiences which made you laugh and recall those moments. With it, you are able to relive your childhood ideas and enjoy reading your works, not just because you were adorable even with your wrong grammar, but because you wrote about what you wanted to say in detail, no matter how shallow the topic is. This is why some people don’t want to grow up. If you compare your childhood works to your recent works, the latter may have better grammar but you can’t deny that the fist would make more sense and is more understandable. As you reach college, you sometimes tend to feel restricted with the format, the style, and the topic which leads to just subject to vague writing. Some would say it is part of growing up but I say otherwise, because there’s still a solution to change this and it is through free writing. Teachers should use free writing exercises to encourage students to write clearly and avoid vague writing.
Teachers play an important role in the students’ learning. They decide whether the students pass or fail which gives the idea that students should impress the teachers to achieve good grade. According to “The Poisoned Fish” by Kenneth Macrorie when writing, students think that the teacher only cares about grammar and not content which is manifested in the red marks and corrections in the student’s paper. (5)
To change this, teachers should use free writing exercises to let the students know that content also matters for the teacher. This must be able to change the mentality of the students about teachers’ criteria of grading. This is very true because in my case before, I would always ...

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Teachers are like the gardeners to the students’ seed of learning. It is important for them to be able to use the best methods of teaching for the students to achieve what is best for them. With the problems about the students’ vague writing, they should be able to change or modify their teaching style and adjust for their students. It is time to change the students’ perspective and not rely on school books alone. The best solution could be the use of free writing exercises to help organize thoughts and unleash their natural voice to write clearly. The next time they encounter writings in the future, students will also enjoy reading them because they understood them and they know what they wrote.

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